Top 5 Diet Series – Easy changes you can make to make drastic, immediate health improvement

Top 5 Diet Series – Easy changes you can make to make drastic, immediate health improvement

Top 5 Diet Series:

  • Water
  • Fermented Foods
  • Kick the Sugar
  • Remove Processed Foods and
  • Eat Fat…Wait, whaaatt?

Day 1: Water

From my experience, anyone can upgrade their health and well-being by making both changes in your fuel (food & drink) and changes in lifestyle (habits).  We’re far from perfect, but starting here, and over the following 4 posts, I am to share my top 5 eating habits anyone can adopt specific to fuel that comes from the kitchen.


Water must become the drink of choice

Here’s one top ten list we Americans shouldn’t be proud of…according to World Atlas, The USA is in a virtual tie for first place with Argentina with regards to the most soft drinks consumed , per capita, noting that about 1 person in 5 has a soda  every single day.  If anyone doesn’t see the distinct correlation between this number and the alarming rates of diabetes, dental problems, obesity, heart/kidney/non-alcoholic liver disease and Type 2 Diabetes, they’re just putting blinders over their eyes, and ignoring the obvious.  Even the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention support these claims, despite their misguided efforts at an anti-obesity campaign that only focused on exercise, saying nothing about soda & junk foods. 

Once again, lets look to ASAPScience for a summary of what happens when you drink soda:  

Perhaps a little dramatic and overstated, but still quite alarming to be sure.

You know the rule of 3 regarding food, water and oxygen, right?  Although everyone is different, in general most human beings can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.  Every bodily function relies on water; from brain fog to cracked skin, and liver to heart function, water is vitally critical.  Digestion can become stagnant, and since we know out gut is akin to our second brain, it affects all sorts of cognitive function too.  Get headaches? Drink more water.  Lack of energy? Drink more water.  Gaining extra weight? Need to cleanse and detoxify? Are you constantly getting sick? Drink more water. Overly acidic? Yes, that too.

But wait, there’s more. Since the brain is more than 73% water, it would make sense that cognitive function, focus, mood and memory are all affected by lack of adequate hydration, and it doesn’t take much to be considered dehydrated.  Water is what makes up our remarkably efficient cooling system using sweat, and with all of the toxins in our atmosphere, water is the single most important intake to help flush those toxins out, rather than building up and becoming stagnant inside, wreaking havoc and disease. Can you drink too much? Sure you can, but it’s pretty hard to do that. If you’re into any endurance sport, drinking ONLY water is a recipe for disaster, but for the purpose of this blog post, we’re talking about general health and well-being.

Drinking pure, room temperature filtered water is all the body needs, and this single switch from fruit juices, coffee, soda, milk is one of the most critical steps one can take to improve your health, overall immunity and energy.

When the Well is Dry, We’ll Know the Worth of Water.

– Benjamin Franklin

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